By Carmen Gomez | 18 December 2020 | 0 Comments

The Nomad Generation and the Future of Work

Globalization, technological innovation, Artificial Intelligence and automation are driving significant changes in work models and employment structures across the world. An increasing tribe of new generation workers is deciding to work on their own terms, from places of their own choosing. Taking a unique approach to problem solving and income creation, they are realizing their potential through a new-found freedom to live the life they want, while being productive and delivering value to organizations dispersed across diverse geographies. They are the digital nomads, a growing demographic of location-independent professionals, living and traveling at will, working digitally to produce services for businesses.

The phenomenon of working from a remote location has been termed as ‘remote work’, ‘gig economy’ and ‘telecommuting’, although these labels only characterize the ‘work’ aspect and not the lifestyle. In 1997, Hitachi executive Tsugio Makimoto and Electronics Weekly writer David Manners published their book “Digital Nomads” predicting that smaller and more powerful computer chips, along with new mobile devices and greater internet connectivity, would lead to a revolution in how people worked, live ..