Product Manager

As a  Product Manager you will help us drive better product decisions by bridging the gap between business goals and technical requirements, as well as guide the product team to operate efficiently and maintain a high output. We care about speed and execution, but also appreciate the importance of a stable and trusted service.


  • You have extensive experience in similar role and have a proven track record of shipping quality software;
  • You have a good understanding of basic internet technologies, APIs, database technologies, etc.;
  • You are a tech enthusiast and always like to play around with new software. You are curious and enthusiastic about what makes good software;
  • You have a pragmatic approach to product development; you understand why speed is important as a startup;
  • You can clearly communicate product decisions and the rationale behind them;
  • You can adjust quickly to changing priorities and work with lots of questions and what-ifs.


Research and Planning

  • You’ll get a clear understanding of the problems you’re tackling through research and regular interaction with customers (whatever gets you to a good solution in the fastest way possible);
  • You’ll turn problems into insights and work with our team of engineers and designers to execute and launch solutions;

Strategy and product execution

  • You’ll be a co-owner of the roadmap, and keep refining it based on learnings to ensure the team is always working on what’s most valuable;
  • You’ll scope tasks meticulously to enable the team to ship new features fast and smoothly;
  • You’ll obsess about shipping cadence, but care deeply about quality. Finding the right balance will be your main focus;

Collaboration and communication

  • You’ll collaborate with your team in thinking through our challenges, both short and long term;
  • You’ll motivate and inspire the team to ensure they’re always delivering their best work;
  • You’ll provide visibility to the wider organisation to ensure we’re all on the same page and aware what’s coming and when;