Senior Database Administrator

How you’ll contribute:

  • Assess and help develop long-term strategic goals for all enterprise database environments, including migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL
  • Work with system administrators and application development staff to develop database architectures, coding standards and QA policies and procedures
  • Design, implement and maintain redundant systems, policies and procedures for disaster recovery and data archiving to ensure effective protection and integrity of data assets
  • Conduct research and make recommendations on database products, services, protocols and standards in support of procurement and development efforts
  • Create models for new database development and/or changes to existing ones
  • Monitor all enterprise database environments and respond to resolve issues (such as data, access, performance, etc.)
  • Monitor, optimize and allocate physical data storage for all database systems
  • Develop, implement and maintain change control and testing processes for database modifications
  • Interface with Development and support application release deployments

Job requirements:

  • Strong DBA experience that includes multiple RDBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL) and large scale Data Migration projects
  • PostgreSQL Database Administrator with proven experience in large scale data migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL
  • Hands-on experience with setting/configuring replication, load-balancing, encryption and performance tuning
  • Strong hands-on experience applying PSUs (patch set upgrades) through configuration management tools, like Puppet
  • Experience building Database VMs through IaaS tools like Terraform
  • Experience in submitting pull requests through GIT
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities, sometimes between production support and building out of new systems
  • Strong hands on experience in database performance tuning and optimization, using native monitoring and troubleshooting tools that includes Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, Dynamic Management Views and Functions (DMVs) and other third-party tools
  • Capable to develop PL-SQL/T-SQL stored procedures, functions and scripts to automate processes and improve system performance
  • Knowledge of data mapping with logical and physical data modeling
  • Strong hands-on experience with Oracle 11c\12c\13c in a Linux/Unix environment (5 to 7 years)
  • Experience with PostgreSQL 9.6+ (on AWS RDS a Plus.)
  • Expert knowledge and experience with PL\SQL and stored procedures in PostgreSQL