Senior Developer

Experienced in the compliance/legal field is highly beneficial, but not required. Familiarity of the elements of a strong ethics and compliance program are a plus. Must have ability to work from a home-office setting.

We are developing a content engine that is heavily focused on tagging and recommendation capabilities. The role in question will aid in development on this new product which will be used to expose the content across multiple products.

Our applications are used to aggregate and render statistics of ethics and policy survey data from large company respondent bases. Scoring is generated based on data aggregated for company internal and cross-comparison from an ethics perspective. Many toolsets are being developed to greatly enhance the comparison possibilities and to better leverage the amazing data companies are finding our applications so valuable for.


  • Developing APIs for use between company applications and external third-party services
  • Aiding in development of a tagging and recommendation engine for web content
  • Optimization of queries and data generation methods
  • Utilizing git for version control
  • Operating in a rapidly iterative and agile-based development lifecycle


  • Personal commitment to strong ethical practices and an interest in helping companies advance a strong ethical corporate culture and support corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Computer Science degree preferred but not required, depending on experience
  • Proficiency in Laravel using PHP7
  • Proficiency using PostgreSQL
  • Experience developing APIs
  • Experience with other database technologies such as document store and graph is a plus
  • Experience with modern interface development methods, we are not JavaScript framework heavy but rely on CSS frameworks and “vanilla” JavaScript
  • Experience investigating and becoming effective in legacy codebases