Data analyst


  •  You will be analyzing all workforce planning data and working with high level stakeholders on actionable recommendations based on this analysis.
  • Development of new techniques for modeling and data analysis to understand ambiguous data as well as forecasting efforts.
  • Will be working within the people analytics space, data surrounding people or making up metrics that help describe people and behavior.
  • Working with Excel, SQL, Tableau
  • Data entry, putting data into online platforms
  • Analysis through visualization and recording
  • A strong mix of technical chops as well as the ability to translate complex concepts to a non-technical audience.


  • BS degree in Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science, etc.
  • +2 years analytic tool set to include SQL, Excel, a visualization tool (Tableau, Power BI, Quicksight), +1 year scripting language ability (Python, R) and/or strong (2+ years) VBA skills.
  • Advanced statistical analysis to include decision tree algorithms and measuring statistical significance of variables and outputs.
  • Ability to navigate ambiguity and articulate data efficiently
  • Background in data analytics, quantitative analytics, SQL experience, scripting language (Python or R)
  • More advanced scripting skills in VBA, Python, or R are a plus. Experience in workforce planning, supply chain planning, or HR/people analytics.